Bringing a Glimmer of Cheer to the Housing Market

Traditionally a buoyant time of year, the Autumn demand for property should bring a glimmer of cheer to the housing market. Property sales for the month are expected to be higher than the Summer and some stability appears to be returning to the market place.For some the current cloud of the housing market has a silver lining. After years of soaring property prices, first-time buyers had found it almost impossible to get onto the property ladder; with many resorting to shared ownership or the bank of ‘mum and dad’ to get them started. So a slower market opens up the prospect of ownership for many and with it the vital demand that could see stability return to the market.Analyst predictions for the coming months vary. But, the housing market has a strong record of resilience and demand for properties that are competitively priced and well marketed continues. In our latest newsletter we explore ways in which you can add value to your property and achieve that all important sale or rental.If you need advice, want a valuation or have a property to market don’t hesitate to give us a call.From all the team at Lettings Match.Creating the illusion of space…In even the smallest of properties, promoting the ‘lifestyle’ of living in the property you are marketing is key to a successful sale or rental. Prospective buyers need to imagine themselves relaxing, entertaining and living their lives in the property, if they are going to take a step towards making an offer. Yet with space at a premium in most properties, we explore the clever use of lighting, layout and design to make that all important difference.Take a fresh look at the space you have, what can you do to make it appear larger?Space tricksTake a fresh look at each room. Go out and come back in. Decide what purpose the room has and check where your eye is drawn to – what is the focal point? Does it need to be changed?Windows – these can have the effect of expanding a room. Placing an eye-catching object in front of a window, such as a statue or a plant, will draw the eye and extend the view. Think of it as a cheap extension.Colour – lighter colours can expand a room, while darker shades will make it seem smaller.
Soften the edges – place a picture in the centre of a wall to draw the eye away from the edges of the room. Paint the skirting boards in a similar colour to the carpet to make the floor appear bigger.Furniture placement – move furniture away from the walls. This shows up more floor space and stops the eyes wandering to the corners, so the room appears bigger.Lighting – emphasise the good points and hide the bad with clever placement of lights.
Use mirrors to reflect light and open up narrow or dark places. Mirror a recessed wall or place mirrors opposite each other in narrow areas to create the illusion of light and space.Use storage solutions to hide away your clutter. There are a multitude of clever systems available that can transform small spaces to a refined, relaxing sanctuary.Create new space by opening up cellars and lofts. Even the smallest of space can be transformed into a ‘den’, music room or home office and add thousands to your property.Invest in flat screen TVs and computers, they look great and open up the space in a roomNeed help pr advice for your property? Give us a call to discover how we can help.

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